308 | Colour Run Reflections

25 October 2019

Here are some of 308’s reflections on the colour run and market night:

Amira – My favourite part of the night was running in the colour run.

Victoria – My favourite part was when I got sprayed with the coloured powder and got it stuck in my hair.

Neivannah – My favourite thing was when the teachers were throwing the colours on us.

Mahek – My favourite part was when Mr Johns started chasing us with the coloured powder.

Shela – My favourite part was when I got sprayed with the colour and Miss Smallwood was chasing me to get me.

Gallia – My favourite part was when Miss Smith painted my nails.

Janessa – I had fun at the colour run because the teachers sprayed us with all the powders and then it made my white shirt colourful

Fahaad – My favourite part was seeing the animals in the petting zoo.

Hunter – I loved getting lots of pizza and eating it.

Mia – My favourite part was when all the teachers squirted us.