308 | All about persuasive writing

22 May 2019

This term we have been learning about persuasive writing. In persuasive writing we try and convince people to believe what we believe. For example: If I liked pets and someone else didn’t like pets, I would try and convince them to like them.

In persuasive writing we have a title, introduction, 3 arguments and a conclusion.

We have been working hard on a persuasive piece on the topic, Should all children be allowed to have a pet?

Here are some examples of arguments for why kids should or should not have a pet:

Shela – Children would be happy if they have a pet because they would have someone to play with and have fun.

Marwa – Pets make children more responsible because they would take care of their pets by feeding, playing and walking.

Mortaza – Kids should not have a pet because pets poop everywhere in your house and kids don’t want to pick it up.



-Blog post by Shela, Marwa & Mortaza