302 | Stop, Drop, Roll

27 May 2019

After our practice fire evacuation drill the children had many questions about what to do in an emergency. We discussed what action to take if there was ever an emergency at school. Children were curious as to what to do if there was ever a fire in their own home, some children shared their thoughts and ideas. We discussed how to tell if we should open a door if we were in a room and didn’t know if there was fire on the other side of the door, as well as how to move about a house if there was a fire. We all learnt that smoke rises and we should stay close to the ground and head towards the nearest external door or if that is not possible then to find a room with a window we can use to climb out of. A lot of children were scared they would get into trouble if they had to break a window but we discussed that if we need to get out of a burning house and we need to break a window then it is alright.

Stop, Drop and Roll – it was amazing how only a few children were aware of what ‘Stop, Drop and Roll’ related to. All children now understand that if they ever find themselves or someone else with their clothes on fire then we perform the stop, drop and roll routine to extinguish the fire.

As a take home task children were asked to go home and discuss this with their families and be aware of their emergency meeting point should they ever need to evacuate their house.