213| Donut Designs -Reflections-Part 2

26 June 2019

When we arrived at school we saw all the donuts and the toppings and icing we were excited because we didn’t know that we were going to be making donuts. Some of us thought every class got it but it was just for our class.

I was surprised and I thought we were only going to write and draw, I didn’t know we were going to make the donuts.

We made our donuts as a celebration of our work of designing and writing an information report about our donuts.

But WAIT! there is more!!!


Mia -the best part was designing the donut. I won the Best Labelling of a Donut.

Hayley– I liked designing my donut and labelling it because people can know what the parts are.

Paige– my favourite part was making the donut. It was so much fun.

Jagav– making the donut was my favourite part and designing it. I got an award for best flavours.

Marzia–  I liked the part that we made the donut in real life.

Amalea– I liked writing about the donut that I created and making the donut too.

Taliyah– my favourite thing was writing about the donut and making the donut. I got an award for the best toppings.

Josiah– I liked making the donut because I chose what I put on it.

Aishmeen– I liked making the donut in real and life and drawing the donut. I got two awards one was for the most colourful donut and the other was for the best design.

Salim– I liked making the donuts because it was my first time making donuts.

Armani-My favourite part was making the donuts.

Daniel – I was Daniel the Baker in the story of Mayen the Donut. I got to judge the class’s donut design and give awards. I had to be fair when I was choosing the best designs.