213 | Donut designs- Part 1

26 June 2019

213 used their favourite story of the Arnie the Donut by Laurie Keller. Mrs Waller made up a story about Mayen the Donut who was made by Daniel the baker. the children were inspired and decided to design their own donuts. The donut designs were varied and very colourful.  The children had to draw and label their donuts. They then wrote an information report about their donuts. Daniel (aka Daniel the Baker) judged the donut designs and gave awards for best toppings, most colourful, best labelling of a donut, best flavours and best design.

On Wednesday morning when the children arrived at school they found donuts, coloured icing and toppings set out on tables. They then iced and decorated their donuts and waited for the icing to set so they could eat them.

Here are a few designs




Excited children waiting to start making their donuts