210 | Year 2 Assembly

13 May 2019

Our Assembly

At our assembly, we did a performance. It was on Wednesday 7/5/19. All of Year 2 did a performance. Zarif, Aisha and Caelan were the narrators. Anna, Aydin and Manyok said something was a better animal than the other. Edward the emu went to the animal’s gate because he wanted to be the best. In the play 210 were seals, 211 were lions and 212 were snakes.  We also did a song called Move Like an Emu. We got to wear free clothes.   Written by Rachel

On Wednesday at our assembly, me, Caelan and Aisha were narrators and we read Edward the Emu. After, we performed a dance and sang a song called…Move Like an Emu! 210 were the seals, 211 were the loins, 212 were the snakes and 213 were the emus. Before I read Edward the Emu I sat next to my best friend Karan!   Written by Zarif