210 | Persuasive Writing in Year 2

30 May 2019

We Should Start School at 10:45 a.m.                                                                                                                                   

Everyone agrees that we should start school at ten forty-five. Have you ever started school after ten o’clock?

Firstly, if we start school at ten forty-five then we can sleep in more.

Secondly, we can have more time to eat breakfast. 

Finally, we can watch more T.V. 

Starting school at ten forty-five will be great!  By Aydin

Dogs Are Better Than Cats!

Everyone agrees that dogs are better than cats.

Firstly dogs don’t scratch you. 

Secondly, dogs make you happy. 

Finally, dogs play with you and cats don’t.

I hope you agree that dogs are better than cats. By Karan

The Best Class is 210

210 is the best class in the world.

Firstly, we are kind to everyone that is new to our class. 

Secondly, we respect everyone and everything in our classroom. We never throw things and we look after everything. 

Thirdly,  we do lots of writing when we need to write.  Also, we have the best teacher in the world. 

Finally, our classroom is very colourful, more than any other class in the school. We are having a Sleepover and we go to lots of excursions. 

210 is the best in the world. By Jasmine

210 is the BEST

210 is the best class in the whole wide world, the children are kind, respectful and work hard. 

Firstly, everyone knows that 210 is the best.

Secondly, everyone in 210 is good at reading and writing and they always use their manners. Everyone is smart in 210 and they never get tricked. 

Finally, everyone in 210 has friends and they never leave anyone out. 

210 is the best in the whole wide world. By Afsana

By Aashvi