210 | Term 3 Reflections

19 September 2019

Mrs Murphy – What an amazing term it has been. Once again, I am so proud of the children in 210. They have worked hard to achieve their goals, they have been thoughtful and caring. They have shown respect, tired new things and worked collaboratively with each other.

Neda – I like it when we do P.E. because it is a time when we get to have fun and play games.

Isla – I have enjoyed playing games at lunchtime with my friends.

Caelan – I really liked the Dragon Dynasty Festival when the dragon came out and the teacher was holding the stick, and my friends and I were really scared.

Aashvi – I really liked the incursions, we had  Life Education and Cinderella. I also liked doing Esmart Week because it helps us learn to be safe online.

Zarif – I have really liked swimming and it feels really good because it is always so warm in there.

Justin – I liked it when we go swimming. It is fun and I go to the big water.

Jasmine – I have enjoyed writing and I like writing the sentences and thinking about them.

Aydin – I have enjoyed making new friends because I get to learn about their culture.

Afsana – I have enjoyed learning all the new things and exploring things.

Akwut – I have enjoyed playing with my friends and having fun at the Dragon Dynasty Festival and writing and reading.

Willman – I liked learning about books from other classes in Book Week.

Karan – I liked Book Week because we got to dress up as different book characters. I dressed up as Superman and the suit was actually very comfortable.

Manyok – I have enjoyed going to UNO and learning new things in Maths. I also enjoyed the Chinese Dragon Festival.

Anna – I have enjoyed colourful semantics because it is fun making funny sentences. I have also enjoyed reading groups.

Rachel – I have enjoyed the colourful semantics competition because it is really fun to learn and write compound and simple sentences.