210 | Sleepover Writing

21 November 2019

On Thursday 14th November we had a Year two Sleepover. After school, we had a shower and then changed into our pyjamas. When we were ready we went to school. The teachers ticked us off and then we got to the place where we go to sleep. Before we went to sleep the teachers let us play on the playground. After we played on the play equipment we got to have ice cream. I picked a lemonade icy pole. Then after we ate our ice creams we got into our sleeping bags. Before we went to sleep we watched a movie called Elf. It was a very funny movie. When it was morning, we ate breakfast. After we ate breakfast we did some activities and games, and then we had lunch. For lunch we had Subway, and it was delicious. The Sleepover was the best.  Written by Aashvi

On the Sleepover, we had lots of fun. We got to play outside and we watched a very funny movie called Elf. We ate pizza, some ice cream, and a sandwich. By Monish

On the Sleepover, we had lots of fun and we ate pizza for dinner. We played outside and had lots of fun. We ate an icy pole. Then we went to watch a movie. Then we went to sleep. In the morning we ate breakfast and then we ate Subway for lunch, and it was the best day EVER! By Isla

I liked the  Sleepover. I liked the movie. The Elf is super annoying and crazy. By Justin

By Justin
Playing on the pirate ship
Who could this be?