210 | Reflections Term 2

1 July 2019

What a great term we have had at C.C.P.S. We love having fun and we also love learning. One of my highlights was when we were visited by Captain Cash as part of the Start Smart Program. Amidst the laughter, there were some important messages and learning. Captain Cash taught us about the different coins and notes, saving up for our wants and spending money wisely on the things we need.   Mrs Murphy

The children reflected on the things they have enjoyed this term.

Anna – My favourite thing was when we went to Taskworks. I like writing and maths.

Afsana – My favourite part was when I went to Taskworks I had lots of fun. I also really like how we have lots of fun tricking Mrs Murphy with the tally marks.

Willman – My favourite thing is Taskworks. I really liked how we pressed the buttons on Stomp a Stump.

Manyok – I really like how we played in the maze and dressed up in stuff. There were even Star Wars, knights and monster clothes. There was memory Pegfast and there was building and there was Stomp a Stump.

Aisha – My favourite thing is reading and signing the books in the purple diaries every morning.  I also like it when we play a game of Chance.

Neda – I like making storybooks out of paper and I like reading because I can spell words from books.

Rachel – My favourite thing was when we went to Taskworks and when we had Free Friday and making books.

Akwut – I like when we play outside and read books with friends.

Aydin – I liked going to Taskworks and reading and I also liked Djeembana.

Alisa – I like when we went to Taskworks and my favourite part was Stomp a Stump and I liked when we went in the cable maze. I liked when we played in the maze where you could only go right.

Aashvi – My favourite part was going to Taskworks and when the lady came to teach us the Indigenous dances. I liked doing the Indigenous dances. I  liked doing the Narratives too.

Zarif – I like doing Stomp a Stump at Taskworks. I also liked writing narratives. It was so fun when we did Djeembana but it would be more fun if Mrs Murphy was there.

Justin – I can read Bat books. I liked the backflip in Djeembana. I liked learning about the animals. I like playing Legos.