210 | Poetry

21 October 2019

This term the children in 210  have been reading and experimenting with poetry. Today they edited and published their first poem. I  am so proud of them, and I hope you enjoy them.


Roses are red

The hills are green

Leaves are falling on you.

By Neda


PIXEL   3D –  By Zarif

Making Skins is a ton of fun!

Pink, purple, green, I’ve only just begun,

First I do the head, that’s what I said,

Then I do the rest like I just said!


Washing Machine

Swishhhhhhhh swishhhhhhhh

I’m wet and slippery. I’m very dizzy and cold.

I’m very clean.

I’m super shiny.

By Karan



Diamonds are shiny

And big and tiny,

They can be as big as you

Or as small as a shoe.

By Jasmine and Afsana


Strawberries and Blueberries

Strawberries are red, blueberries are blue.

Golden flakes are falling on you.

By Alisa


What I have and what I don’t   By Rachel

I have a log, I have a dog, I even have a frog.

But I don’t have a mat, I don’t have a cat and I don’t have a bat.

So what should I do with the log, the dog and the frog?

If I had the mat and if I had the cat and the bat I would know.