210 | Our Excursion Writing

20 May 2019

CCPS went to Taskworks in Mulgrave  – On Friday the 17th of May all of Year 2 went on an excursion to Taskworks and at Taskworks we did lots of activities. Here are some of the activities….

  • Build it. Build a robot and a train.
  • Stomp a Stump. Stomp on the little green stumps that pop up from the slot.
  • Cable Maze. Run through the maze and press buttons.
  • Pegfast. Get all the pegs in the holes. They were all my favourite things.  Written by Aisha

Taskworks On Friday the 17th of May all the Year twos went to Taskworks on a bus. When we arrived we had six activities to do. First, we did cable maze,  then Stomp a Stump, Pegfast, puzzle room, Build it, Create a Scene. Taskworks was in Mulgrave. Afsana and Jasmine went in Miss M’s group. When we were playing stomp a stump,  we got into groups of 3 and we Vs the teachers and the teachers won but my team had the highest score out of the other students. When we played peg fast we were in 3 groups. My group was in Alanna’s group and we always won. I had so much fun. Then we came back to school. Written by Anna

Taskworks –  We went to Taskworks on the bus. I liked the cable maze and Stomp a Stump. It was good. Written by Justin

Taskworks  – All the Year Twos all went to Taskworks, it was on Friday. Firstly, I liked when we had partners, Aisha’s mum helped us. I also was the fastest with Caelan through the cable maze. Secondly, we played Stomp a Stump, Anna and Neda had the highest score. Then we had four people Vs Mrs Murphy and Alisha’s mum,  they won with a score of 113. Thirdly, we went to the building room and everyone built a house. I liked the maze when you can only go right not left. The End. Written by Alisa

Taskworks Friday 17th May  – When I went to the dress ups I had this huge monster costume, it was so funny and also the robot was really fun. The cable maze was really fun too. It was the best day of my life. I had lots of fun, the dress ups were my favourite. Stomp a stump was really hard and the teachers got 113. Written by Caelan

Taskworks – In Year 2 we had so much fun.  I was running in the cable maze and I got stuck in there and Miss Rose told me how to go and  I got out and pushed the stop button and I went in the line. It was a fun day. Written by Isla

Me in the cable maze – Drawn by Isla
Taskworks – Drawn by Akwut