210 | How to save endangered animals…

23 August 2019

How to Save Endangered Animals

Animals are nearly extinct!  If you follow this procedure you will know how to save animals.


  • plants
  • protective clothes
  • meat
  • trees
  1. Buy plants, protective clothes and trees.
  2. Put on the protective clothes, hold the plants and get someone to drive you to the jungle.
  3. Put the trees in the back of the car.
  4. In the jungle, you can plant the plants and trees.
  5. Give the meat to the meat-eaters.

Now you are done! But make sure no people come to attack or cut down the trees. You needed protective clothes because there may be a predator who comes and tries to bite you!

Written by Aisha

When Aisha grows up, she hopes to work with and protect endangered animals. She selected this book from the library and as a class, we read some of it together. The children were given the opportunity to write their own procedure and Aisha decided she wanted to teach everyone about saving endangered animals. 

Stay tuned for another amazing writer next week!