210 | Do you know how old Queen Elizabeth is?

14 June 2019

On Monday we all stayed home from school because it was the Queen’s birthday. It is not her actual birthday but the day set aside to celebrate it. The children in Year 2 have written cards and letters that will be posted to her. Here are some of the questions they asked her.

I hope you have a Happy birthday. I know you are 93 but were you born in the morning or night?  From Jasmine

Happy birthday Queen Elizabeth. We know your favourite puppy is a corgi but what is your favourite colour? From Willman

Dear Your Majesty, Happy birthday. I wish that you got lots of jewels for your birthday. My name is Alisa and I am from Cranbourne Carlisle Primary school. What is your favourite colour? From Alisa

By Justin
By Rachel
By Isla
By Willman
By Willman










By Tane
By Anna
By Akwut