210| Colourful Semantics

3 September 2019

The Year 2 children have been working hard to improve their sentence structure. They have had the privilege of working with the talented Ms. Jess Walta who has taught them about Colourful Semantics and how to write a variety of sentences correctly.

Ms. Walta is holding a competition to encourage the Year 2’s to write a simple or compound sentence about a different photo each week. I am very proud that two children from 210 were the first winners. Congratulations to Rachel and Aydin on their interesting sentences.

The lightning struck in the middle of the night, and it was so loud that it woke up everyone in Australia. By Rachel

One stormy night, the camera man took a picture of the lightning striking the city. By Aydin






Below is the photo for this week. Can you think of a simple or compound sentence to match the picture?