210 | Bubble Writing

13 September 2019

Last week 210 made bubbles with Jess Walta. When we returned to the classroom we brainstormed all the words to describe when, where and what we did. The children thought of adjectives, verbs, and adverbs to describe the bubbles and how they moved. After writing their recounts, the children in 210 selected one sentence to work on. They focussed on using past tense verbs (yellow words) and adjectives ( red words). They ensured they wrote a variety of sentences including simple and compound sentences. Here are some of their sentences.

 On Tuesday the transparent bubbles flew all the way to the tops of the trees, but then they popped. Isla

On Tuesday the bubbles transformed and floated to the kindergarten. Neda

On Tuesday in the early afternoon, the bubbles flew in the beautiful sunshine. Caelan

The bubbles exploded in my face, so I hit them. Zarif.

On Tuesday the bubbles floated to heaven, but then they popped. Manyok

On Tuesday 210 went outside with Mrs. Walta and Mrs. Murphy, and we made big and small bubbles. Jasmine

Then 210 made humungous bubbles that transformed, popped and multiplied. Rachel

Mrs. Murphy and Mrs. Walta made some giant and shiny bubbles with us. Afsana

The transparent and GIGANTIC bubbles were so fun to pop! Aisha

We made big, humungous, fabulous bubbles. Alisa

First Ms. Walta split us into groups of four, so there was room for all of us to make some humungous bubbles. Aashvi

On Tuesday I had so much FUN with my group making giant, shiny, clear bubbles. Anna