210 | Assembly Reflections

30 July 2019

Collaboration Assembly

What happened…On Wednesday all of the Year 2 classes performed. 210 was performing the letters of COLLABORATION.  211 was doing the Friendship Soup and Riley was the chef. 212 and 213 were doing a song about counting by twos, fives and tens. 210, 211, 212, 213 were doing another song about teamwork. COLLABORATION!  Written by Alisa

Collaboration Assembly

On Wednesday it was the Year 2’s Assembly. 210 faced the other Year 2’s and then we put our posters on and then we stood up and then Afsana called the letters for COLLABORATION. Then Aashvi led us to the back. We put the posters at the back of the Gym and then we sat behind Ms B’s class. Then 213 and 212 did a maths song and then Miss B’s class did Friendship Soup. They sat in front of us and then we all did Hip Hop Harry. We went to class and Mrs Murphy gave us some bubbles and we went home. I enjoyed doing the Friendship Soup. Written by Jasmine.

Our Assembly

Our assembly was pretty cool but I was really shy. We spelt a word, it was collaboration. I liked doing the friendship soup because Aarib had food all over his hair when he added in a ‘cup of fun’. I liked doing the teamwork song.  My mum said it was good. Written by Aydin