116| M&M Maths

22 October 2019

When I mentioned that we would be using M&M’s in our maths lesson today the excitement was huge!

In Year One we have been looking at different ways to read and analyse data. Each child had a small pack of 15 M&M’s. First children worked out how many of each colour they had in their pack of 15 and recorded this on a table. They then worked with a group of 4 or 5 children, to discover what their group had. The conversations around why children didn’t have a particular colour were meaningful and it was great to see children get competitive as they found they were the one with the most of a particular colour.

When all groups had gathered their data we used our addition strategy of counting on to make a whole class table. This showed that blue was the most common colour in the pack and yellow was the least.

Finally the children were able to eat their M&M’s which made them very happy!