115| Weekly Highlights

18 October 2019

The children from 115 would like to share their favourite thing that they have done at school this week!

Azaryah: writing

Will: writing

Meleane: looking at the Year Five’s planets

Aisha: maths

Ishi: learning everything!

Anashe: learning about ‘ch’ and ‘tch’

Sam: going to see the big kids’ work

Aminah: writing

Jake: going to meet the Year Five’s

Benjamin: learning about data with jellybeans

Matthew: looking at Year Five’s space things

Ephraim: looking at the Year Five’s work

Abhi: going to the space dome!

Jagroop: developmental play

Naweed: sport

Divya: writing about space

Paige: going to see the Year Five’s

Mrs Ottenhoff: visiting the space dome