115 | Lego Land Excursion

10 May 2019

The Year Ones had an excellent time at Lego Land on Wednesday!

Here are the children’s answers when I asked them what their favourite part of the day was:


Matthew- the rides

Benjamin- going on the plane ride

Ephraim- when we went on the car and we shot lasers

Abhi- the part when we had the lasers and were shooting people on screen, and the movie

Divya- playing with the Lego

Sam- I like Lego because it’s so fun

Jake- the ride that goes up and down

Azaryah- racing the Lego cars

Ishi- when Mrs Ottenhoff was scared of the ride

Anashe- going on the ride

Aisha- the movie

Paige- the movie

Will- the movie

Meleane- eating my Oreos and watching the movie

Elham- the movies

Danial- that we can see the Miniland

Mrs Ottenhoff- seeing how excited the children were during the 4D movie- especially when they got sprayed with water!


-Mrs Ottenhoff