114 | Writer’s Notebook – A Wonderful Tool for Young Writers!

19 July 2019

Welcome back for Term 3! I trust you all had a lovely break and are settling well back into routines.

The children in 114 have had a great week, making new friends and revisiting our classroom and school values.

This week, the children in 114 created a front cover for their ‘Writer’s Notebook’. The Writer’s Notebook is going to be a resource where children can embrace their creativity as young writers. It will be a resource where children can record their thoughts and ideas, as well as drawings. It is a safe place for children to express their thinking and their imagination. As a teacher, I also have my own Writer’s Notebook and record absolutely anything that sparks my imagination, which I can also use for creative stories.

I am looking forward to using this resource in class. I’m sure we will have lots of stories to share with you all in the future!


-Miss Belisario