001- ‘Mirror, Mirror on the Wall’, Foundation children loved it all.

27 August 2019

This morning the Foundation children enjoyed a presentation of Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, presented by CARP Productions.

This was an exciting event where the children had an opportunity to be involved in various fairy-tale stories. While the children enjoyed dancing and having a laugh at the humorous characters, individuals also loved the experience of becoming a star of the show in front of their peers and playing an active role during each scene. Well done to Harlyn who became a wonderful ‘poison apple’ during the Snow White scene, Oliver who was amazing as one of the three little pigs and Arman who was awesome as he turned into a very cute, cheeky cat.

Most of 001 children found the ‘Ugly duckling’ to be their favourite character as he was beautiful on the inside and  had won the trophy for being the fairest of all the characters.