001 Learning how to Subtract with Mathematical materials

8 November 2019

Children have been learning how to Subtract /Take -away/Minus using a variety of mathematical materials found in the classroom. This week we have used dominoes to take the smallest number on one side, away from the largest number on the other side. Children had great success finding the largest number and the smallest number and then writing this fact as a number sentence.

They have also discovered how to use number lines to subtract and identify the difference between two numbers by starting at the highest number and counting backwards to the smaller number.

Another method shared among the children were pictures, whereby children demonstrated their take-away knowledge by drawing a group of images of their choice on the whiteboard. The other children would then give them a number to subtract and they would take that many away before coming up with their answer.

A group of children had  a great time using the Teddy Bear sum boards where they chose different subtraction cards and had to find the difference by placing the highest number using teddies on the number line and taking the smallest number away to arrive at their answer. They also placed the teddies inside the jar and subtracted the lower number to solve the equation.

001 are doing an amazing job with subtraction